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Automatic Digital Brinell
Hardness Testing Machine, Model B.R.G.

The BRG is a large capacity digital Brinell testing machine that can be adapted to customer applications for testing semi-automatically or completely automatically. The BRG is a semi-custom Brinell tester that be built in a range of dimensions and act as a platform for multiple operations. As shows at right the basic unit often consists of the tester itself together with hydraulics (not seen). automatic grinding, and optional digital optical Brinell measurement software.
  • Tests large test specimens automatically
  • Digital Brinell hardness results immediately after the test. No Brinell scope required so operator influence is removed.
  • Simple automatic Brinell tester operates at the press of a button
  • Large capacity and large stroke making speeds up testing
  • Built-in proving ring provides highly repeatable loads
  • The test head removes for factory calibration/repairs
  • Makes a Brinell E10 indentation that can be measured with a scope but measures depth of indentation according to ASTM E103
The BRG unit can also swing the entire top of the test out of the way for loading large test parts The BRG unit can employ a pedestal for test blocks or small parts
There are options for testing using depth Brinell measurements and repeating measurements using a digital Brinell scope for compliance purposes to meet ASTM E10. The BRG unit can employ a pedestal for test blocks or small parts and remove it for testing large parts. Also the entire top of the tester can move up or down on the round column to accommodate a range of large sizes.


The AUT-BRE-BRG is semi custom. The test method and loads are identical to the standard automatic Brinell tester but all dimension etc can be adapted to user requirements.

BRE-AUT-BRG automatic brinell tester operates on large and difficult parts

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