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BRE-AUT 100 & 300 Automatic, Digital
Brinell Hardness Testers

The BRE-AUT is a very fast, and completely automatic digital Brinell testing machine that eliminates the operator-induced variation that exists in Brinell scope measurements. The speed and accuracy in the testing is due to the depth of indentation measurement technique (just like a Rockwell tester with a preload and full load) which measures the indentation as it is being made and displays/stores the digital test result. Other than the measurement technique the test operation fully meets ASTM E-10 for Brinell testing (10 mm carbide ball, 3000 kg load or other standard specified Brinell load and operators can verify the operation by measuring the indentation.

These testers make the automatic Brinell testing possible due to a the use of a Rockwell method applied to the Brinell test. Normally a Brinell tester would have way too much deflection in the the frame of the tester to get useful results - the tester method generally require 3000 kg loads (6600 lbs). But the unique test surface indexing feature of the Automatic Brinell enables the system to maintain a reference with the test surface as the load is applied and to accurately gage the depth of the indentation.

Hundreds of these Automatic Brinell hardness testers have been sold worldwide for either stand-alone or automatic in-line applications. along with custom designs for automatic surface preparation via grinding or milling and other features like automatic digital Brinell scoping in addition to the depth of indentation readings.

  • Digital Brinell hardness results immediately after the test. No Brinell scope required so operator influence is removed.
  • Simple automatic Brinell tester operates at the press of a button
  • Large capacity and large stroke making speeds up testing
  • Built-in proving ring provides highly repeatable loads
  • The test head removes for factory calibration/repairs
  • Makes a Brinell E10 indentation that can be measured with a scope but measures depth of indentation according to ASTM E103

Automatic Brinell with grinding

automatic brinell floor stand

Automatic Brinell Inline System

Options like milling of grinding can be built into a complete automatic Brinell machine system A large capacity BRE-AUT 300 unit showing the complete package including the hydraulic package. An inline system for testing cylinders attached to a remote manufacturing control center.


  BRE-100 BRE-300

E10 (with scope)
400mm x 200mm (Throat)
100 mm maximum
3000 kg std., option 500 kg
500 kg, 700 kg, 1000 kg
1-60 sec
[1] flat anvil (120mm dia.)
[1] 8x scope for verification
[1] HB30 test block
[1] set wrenches
E10 (with scope)
850mm x 250mm (Throat)
300 mm maximum
3000 kg std., option 500 kg
500 kg, 700 kg, 1000 kg
1-60 sec
[1] flat anvil (120mm dia.)
[1] 8x scope for verification
[1] HB30 test block


Digital Brinell hardness tester
The BRE-AUT 100 machine

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