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Brinell Test Block & Indenter Selection

Quality Solutions sells certified ASTM E-10 Brinell test bocks and indenters for all common Brinell scales. The blocks are sorted into common whole number hardness ranges for inventory and purchasing purposes so the actual hardness number will be slightly different. Each test block comes with a certification
Brinell Indenters
Brinell scale Load (kg)/Indenter dia. (mm) Part number Range
HB30 3000 / 10 B3000 All hardness ranges
HB15 1500 / 10 B1500 All hardness ranges
HB5 500 / 10 B0500 All hardness ranges
Test blocks available at other loads and ball diameters
Brinell Balls and Indenters
Part No Diameter (mm) Material
BB10 10 tungsten carbide
BB05 5 tungsten carbide
BB02.5 2.5 tungsten carbide

Rocwell test blocks and Indenters

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