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Mitutoyo HR521 Digital Rockwell Tester

A new high-accuracy digital Rockwell tester from Mitutoyo uses an almost friction-free load mechanism and closed-loop electronics for top accuracy. Semi-automatic to fully automatic configurations are available.
  • The unique load system provides high accuracy with low friction loading.
  • All units are digital twin Rockwell hardness testers, operating in both Regular and Superficial load ranges: Regular (60, 100, 150 kg) and Superficial (15, 30, 45 kg).
  • High visibility indenter area for test positioning ease and accuracy.
  • Tests inside diameters down to under 1 inch with the special indenter and under 1.5" with the standard indenter.
  • Operates according to ASTM E18.
  • Excellent Prices for a high-end Rockwell hardness tester
  • Operates according to ASTM E10 for light load Brinell testing!

The Rockwell electronics control the load so there is no overshoot or undershoot

The closed loop electronics control the entire load cycle very precisely.

Scales All Regular and Superficial Rockwell
ASMT standard ASTM E18-11 (and preceeding)
Resolution 0.1 HR
Preload Application Manual (with Auto Brake)
Models 521, 521L
Fully Automatic
Models 523, 523L
Full Load Application Automatic
Time at Load 0-120 Sec. (or manual)
Power 120 VAC, 60Hz
Data Output RS232, SPC, and Centronics (See below)
The HR500 stats add real value to a company's quality control program
A wide range of Statistics are available for view or output from the electronics.
CAPACITY (throat)
HR521 ~8" 5.9" 132#/60kg 26.4" (670mm) x
9.8" (250mm)
23.8" (605mm)
HR521L ~10" 5.9" 154#/70kg 26.4" (670mm) x
9.8" (250mm)
29.5" (750mm)
HR523 ~8" 5.9" 132#/60kg 26.4" (670mm) x
9.8" (250mm)
23.8" (605mm)
HR523L ~10" 5.9" 154#/70kg 26.4" (670mm) x
9.8" (250mm)
29.5" (750mm)
Optional Accessories
  • 810-038-7 Large Round table ø9.85"(250mm)
  • 810-037-7 Medium Round table ø7.09"(180mm)
  • 810-040-7 Large Vee anvil, diameter 1.6"(40mm), vee width 1.18"(30mm) For large specimens
  • 810-043 Spot anvil, diameter 0.47"(12mm), For sheet metal specimens
  • 810-041-7 small Vee anvil diameter 1.6"(40mm), groove width 6mm for cylindrical specimens
  • 810-044-7 Spot anvil, diameter .22"(5.5mm), For sheet specimens
  • 810-028-7 Jack rest, For testing long specimens, using table or anvil
  • 810-048 Testing bench, 11.8" x 21.8" x 27.6" with holes for spindle and mounting holes
  • 810-042-7 Small V anvil diameter 0.39"(10mm) for short or tight cylindrical specimens
  • 810-030-7 Diamond spot anvil .39"(10mm) For sheet metal specimens
  • 810-026 Jominy Test Fixture with fine adjustment. Length 16"(400mm), vee width 2"(50mm), For cylindrical specimens
  • 810-029 Special long Vee anvil, Length 16"(400mm), groove width 2"(50mm) Supports the standard hardenability test for steel For cylindrical specimens
  • 810-027-7 VARI-REST For testing long specimens using anvil

The 810 Series provides virtually friction free operation with a unique design

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