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HM100 Basic Micro-Hardness Tester

The HM-100 Micro-Vickers hardness tester now has a newly designed indenter-objective turret and control unit to expand the measurement application range. The new turret has three objective mounts and, by using the calibration function, all three objectives can be used for indentation measurement. For easy setup of Knoop hardness measurement, the turret has a dedicated mount for a Knoop indenter. The new separate control unit allows a choice of two types of display.
  • A wide range of test force from .09807 to 9.807N (10gf to 1000gf) is available for measuring a various type of specimens. The load duration can be set in 1 sec increments between 5 and 99 sec. The minimum reading of indentation is 0.01μm and allows small indentations to be measured with high precision.
  • Up to 3 Objective lenses and 1 or 2 indenters can be mounted on manual or motorized turret.
  • Select options for eyepiece measurement or several CCTV Measuring Options.
  • Models for manual control through highly automated control.

HM100 electronic controls

PC screen for HM100 advanced options

The electronic control unit option provides basic tester controls and outputs for semi-automatic operation. The Full PC-based electronic package is inclued in some models and provides advanced electronic data, on screen measurement etc


Model HM-101 HM-112 HM-122 V HM122 V/K HM-113
Supplied Indenter Vickers Vickers Vickers Vickers/Knoop Vickers
Test Force 98.07mN(10g), 245.2mN(25g), 490.3mN(50g), 980.7mN(100g)
1961mN(200g), 2942mN(300g), 4903mN(500g), 9807mN(1000g)
Test Force Selection Dial
Load Control Automatic (loading, duration, unloading)
XY Stage Dimensions 100mm 100mm
XY Stage Travel 25 x 25mm
XY Stage Reading min reading 0.001mm
Power Turret Manual Manual Motor Drive Motor Drive Manual
Total magnification 100x, 500x 100x, 500x 100x, 200x, 500x 100x, 200x, 500x 1250x, 250x
Eyepiece Min-Max 0.2 mm-140 µm
TypeMicrometer Drum
Min-Max 0.01 - 700/140 µm
TypeDigital Optical Encoder
TypeDigital Optical Encoder
Min-Max0.01µm - 700/350/140 µm
TypeDigital Optical Encoder
TypeDigital Optical Encoder
Load Duration Range 5s/ min 99s/ max s/increment
Max. Specimen Height 3.75in 95mm
Max. Specimen Depth 5.91in 150mm
Output -- RS-232C, SPC, Centronics RS-232C, SPC, Centronics RS-232C, SPC, Centronics RS-232C, SPC, Centronics
Main Unit Dimension 16.1x23.6x23.2in
Display Unit Dimensions 92.4lbs 42kg
Weight 92.4lbs 42kg
Power Supply 120V AC (±10%) 60Hz
Power Requirement 20VA 60VA 60VA 60VA 60VA

Teh basic HM100 unit  provides all necessary functions for Vickers testing

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