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HM200 Ultra Micro-Hardness Tester

The HM200 uses a state of the art electromagnetic force motor for automatic load selections from 2 kg down to 0.5 grams in standard steps (100 g 250 g, 500g etc) or in 1 gram increments. Excellent unit for research and high-end testing labs.
  • The latest technology electromagnetic force motor used in the loading mechanism enables the test force to be freely selected (see test force
    specifications) over the wide range of 0.05gf to 2 kgf in 1 g increments. It is also possible to freely set load dwell times.
  • Newly-designed objectives enable a very comfortable working distance between the objective and the specimen surface and are optimized for measuring indentation images with 6 types of long working distance objectives: 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X for measuring indentation images, and 2X and 5X for enabling wide-range measurement around indentations.
  • LEDs, which have a longer life, produce less heat, consume less power and are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, are employed
    for the illumination system.
  • The motorized turret allows for up to 4 objective lenses and 2 indenter assemblies to be mounted at the same time.

camera unit hm200

hm200 turret

Model HM210/220B has a computer-assisted measurement. The advanced power turret with up to 2 indenter mounts and 4 objective mounts.


Test force range: HM-210A: 9 steps + arbitrary test force
HM-220A: 19 steps + arbitrary test force
Load dwell time: 0 - 999s
Manual XY stage unit stage size: 100x100mm
Manual XY stage unit travel range: 25x25mm with Digimatic in/mm micrometer heads
Resolution: 0.001mm
Max. specimen height: 133mm (Stage size: 25 x 25mm)
121mm (Stage size: 50 x 50mm)
Max. specimen depth: 160mm (from the center of indenter)
Optical path: 4-port objectives switching system of
Infinity-correction optical system
Resolution: 0.01μm (When using objectives of X40 or more)
Data output: Serial interface (RS-232), Digimatic interface, USB 2.0
Power supply: 39VA 100-125/220-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions: (W x D x H): 315x671x595mm
Weight 43kg
Optional Accessories, Factory Installed
Optional Accessories

  • 11AAC104: Objective lens unit 2X
  • 11AAC105: Objective lens unit 5X
  • 11AAC106: Objective lens unit 10X
  • 11AAC107: Objective lens unit 20X
  • 11AAC108: Objective lens unit 100X
  • 11AAC129: Measuring microscope (Digital ocular)
  • 11AAC109: Knoop Indenter Assembly (HM-210 Series)
  • 11AAC110: Knoop Indenter Assembly (HM-220 Series)
  • 810-354A: TV camera unit (8.4 inch LCD)
  • 19BAA058: Diamond indenter for Vickers
    (HM210 Series standard test force)
  • 19BAA059: Diamond indenter for Vickers
    (HM220 Series low test force)
  • 19BAA061: Diamond indenter for Knoop (HM210 Series)
  • 19BAA062: Diamond indenter for Knoop (HM220 Series)
  • 810-017: Vise
  • 810-013: Specimen (thin plate) holder
  • 810-014: Specimen (wire) holder
  • 810-015: Specimen (wire or ball) holder
  • 810-019: Specimen tilting holder
  • 810-020: Universal specimen holder
  • 810-018: Rotary table
  • 810-084: Rotatable universal specimen holder
  • 810-085: Adjustable specimen (thin plate)holder
  • 810-095: Rotatable specimen stage
  • 375-056: Stage Micrometer (glass) Micro-scale
  • 810-650-1: Resin mold specimen stage ø25.4
  • 810-650-2: Resin mold specimen stage ø30
  • 810-650-3: Resin mold specimen stage ø31.75
  • 810-650-4: Resin mold specimen stage ø38.1
  • 810-650-5: Resin mold specimen stage ø40
    02ATE760: Table
  • 810-641: Vibration Isolator
  • 810-870A: Sample Heating Device HST-250
  • 810-420: 25x25mm stage (metric only)
  • 810-423: 50x50mm stage (metric only)
  • 810-424: 1"x1" in/mm stage (standard)
  • 810-427: 2"x2" in/mm stage

HM200 ultra micro hardness tester

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