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HTD4000 Core Hardness Tester
and Case Depth Measurement

The HTD4000 is a new patented process that makes case depth hardness testing much faster and less costly. The HTD4000 eliminates sectioning and mounting specimens, no extended measurement process, no lengthy waits for test results. The HTD4000 operates by a continuous depth of indentation measurement process while the load is steadily increased. The electronics calculates the hardness based on the displacement, depth, and force applied. The unique test surface indexing capabilities of the Ernst Testers allows this depth measurement process to be very accurate even with some slight deflection under the high loads involved (up to 4000 kg)

  • Dramatic 90% time savings on case depth hardness testing
  • Non-destructive - no sample sectioning (only surface preparation)
  • Check case depth (and core hardness) in a range from 0.5 - 2.7 mm
  • Values measured by penetration depth so it mirrors Rockwell testing
  • Produces case hardness graphs automatically
  • Works so fast it can be used to control hardening processes

HTD tests case depths to 3.7mm

The case depth test methodology

Photo of the tester measuring the case depth on an unsectioned test sample which is clamped in the vise fixture.. The test method is bases on the depth measurement to load ratio of an indenter as load is continuously increased with a surface position indexing system to filter out any deflection of the tester stand.

The case depth graph generated by the HTD9000

The graph generated by the HTD9000


Principle of Operation
Test Method

Test Load
Stand Capacity
Test Range
Test Tolerance
Test Duration
Display Values

Hardness Calibration
Power Supply
Operating Temperature
Load and indentation referring to the surface of the test piece
Evaluation of the load-indentation curve with tested and
modifiable algorithm for several types of material and case depth
From 10'000N to 40'000N (1000kg - 4000kg)
Tungsten carbide
300mm vertical x 320mm throat
0.5-2.5mm case depth (deeper depths on request)
60-120 sec. depending on the selected load
in mm and Vickers hardness, with selection of various points of depth and hardness
Industrial PC with Windows XP operating system
USB, serial, Centronics, Ethernet, PS/2
Test block
115-230 VAC 50/60 Hz
L 370mm (900mm with PC) x H 1200mm x D 850mm
450 kg

HTD4000 makes case depth testing easy

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