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King Brinell Tester

The King Brinell tester is the most widely used (and copied) portable Brinell tester on the market. Make sure you are getting the real King Brinell since Brinell testing can be very hard on a tester. With test loads up to 3000 kg (6600 lbs.), so there is usually a lot of wear and tear so you want a unit that is designed for heavy-duty testing and designed to be repaired with available spare parts.
  • Good accuracy: the King Brinell uses a bypass valve to limit the load at the full 3000 load setting providing better resolution than testers that do not make a real Brinell indentation.
  • Simple operation: to use the King Brinell Tester, clamp the part by turning the wooden handle until indenter is against the sample, then pump the silver handle until the dial indicator shows the maximum load.
  • Easy to buy: Low cost way to start doing real 3000 kg load Brinell testing

King Brinell Tester components can be used to increase capacity or change loads


The King Brinell tester has many components for testing: test heads for different loads, and stands for regular (14") or large (20") capacity and a chain adapter for testing rounds. There is an Inside diameter adapter which enables testing just through the wall thickness of a large hollow specimen. Also test heads with extended indenters are available for testing into recessed areas. A range of indenters and test blocks are also available.


Test Method
Loading System


Brinell according to ASTM E-110
Hydraulic via manual pump
0.5% on the load
3000 or 1000 standard. 500, 250, 125, 62.5 on request.
Plus dial indications for other ranges on standard unit.
13.5" x 4" (throat), 20" x 4"
10mm carbide ball (standard), 5mm and 2.5mm optional

King Brinell tester

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