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Light Load Brinell/Rockwell
Combination Tester

For companies that need a Rockwell Tester but also need some light load Brinell. Any of the AT Series testers sold in the Rockwell section of this website can be used to test Brinell. Setting are available for testing at Brinell loads of 62.5, 125, and 187.5 kg. Using the ASTM test method E103, which is an alternative to E10, a tester makes a test and measures the depth of indentation instead of the width - similar to a Rockwell tester. On some materials there can be a difference in relationship of the depth of a Brinell indentation compared to the indentation width. In this case operators can always go back and measure the diameter of the indentation although it is very small so the scope measurement is subject to more variation in optical measurement than larger Brinell indentations.
  • Operates according to ASTM E103 and E10 for light load Brinell testing
  • Operates according to ASTM E18
  • Not influenced by bending or sample deflection
  • Simple (one motion), quick (two seconds), easy (any one can test), and accurate (even with unskilled users)
  • The clamping shield permits the measure of big and irregular pieces
  • Digital Rockwell and Brinell hardness display
  • The test head removes for factory calibration/repairs

clamping test samples for faster, easier testing

one stroke hardness testing

The clamping feature makes testing easier and more accurate in bad environments. Since the tester can test without
any elevating screw, users can test on the base of the AT-T stand.
The test procedure consists of pulling the lever until it stops and releasing - all in two seconds.

One reason the tester works so well is that the tester has a heavy-duty clamping feature, built into the design of the test stand. This clamping feature makes it easy to test on a large heavy test sample in a couple seconds. There is also a unique test-surface measurement feature that dramatically reduces the effect of dirt on the anvil or bottom of the test sample on the test results - results which can easily be completely ruined with a normal tester.

Also the tester prevents or reduces the chance for broken diamond indenters</span> (depending on the selection of the clamping shield) since the operator cannot contact the indenter with the test sample and shifting of large parts under load is prevented by the clamping - both common causes of breakage that can cost hundreds of dollars a pop.

(for AT250 Specifications click here)

AT 130 DR 60, 100, 150 kg
10 kg HR-A, HRB, HRC, HRD
62.5, 125, 187.5 kg
10 kg Equivalent HB30
Brinell values read automatically according to ASTM E103 and converted to equivalent HB30 scale - can also be scoped and converted according to E10.
Optional equivalent scales readouts on request: HB2.5, HB5, HB10
AT 130 DSR 15, 30, 45 kg
3 kg HR15N, HR30N, HR45N
HR15T, HR30T, R45T
HR15W, HR30W, HR45W
10, 15.6, 31.2 kg
3 kg Equivalent HB30
Brinell values read automatically according to ASTM E103 and converted to equivalent HB30 scale - can also be scoped and converted according to E10.
Optional equivalent scales readouts on request: HB2.5, HB5, HB10
AT-N test stand AT-T Stand AT-CAR mobile stand at-mur wall stand
AT-N Bench Stand AT-T Flexi Stand AT-MUR Mobile stand AT-MUR Wall Stand
AT-T 270 mm
(440 w/o screw)
220 mm 87 kg 240 x 560 mm 857 mm
AT-N 215 mm 220 mm 53 kg 200 x 520 mm 620 mm
AT-CAR 750 mm 300 mm 140 kg 250 x 970 mm 1350 mm
AT-MUR 550 mm (adjustment range) 300 mm 90 kg 200 x 700 mm
(not floor standing)
1050 mm
ALL STANDS All stands include the following components & accessories: 1 clamping cap, 1 cover
AT-T and AT-N stands also include: 1 large vee anvil, 1 flat
Standard Accessories
With purchase of a test stand. - delivered in polished wooden box.
Accessories on Request

  • 1 Rockwell conical diamond indenter
  • 1 Rockwell ball indenter 1/16
  • 1 Brinell ball indenter 2,5mm*
  • 1 Rockwell test block
  • 1 Brinell test block*
  • 1 Flat anvil Ø 60mm
  • 1 Flat anvil Ø 10mm
  • 1 Large V-anvil
  • 1 Small V-anvil
  • 1 Plastic cover
  • Spare balls
  • Power supply cable
  • Flat anvil 200 mm diameter
  • V-anvil for rounds 200mm diameter
  • Rockwell ball indenters 1/8", 1/4", 1/2"
  • Brinell ball indenters 5mm
  • C-form extension for measuring internal parts
  • Special clamping systems on customer's request
  • Vise for Jominy test
  • Extended penetrators and penetrator shrouds (25mm - 50mm - 75mm - 100mm)
  • Bench support for hardness tester
* accessories not included for AT 130 DSR version (Superficial Rockwell)

Light Load Brinell Testers
The AT130 and AT250 Rockwell Tester models
can perform light load Brinell testing.

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