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NR3D Rockwell Tester/
Superficial Rockwell Tester

The NR3D Rockwell tester is a sturdy, cost-effective Rockwell tester that is able to operate accurately even in the Superficial Rockwell test range, unlike many other lower cost testers. The unit comes with either a regular or superficial test head, or both and the test heads can be swapped in a minute.
  • Uses interchangeable test heads for regular and superficial ranges
  • Digital display of Rockwell test result
  • The test head can be removed for factory calibration/repairs - very convenient for companies not located near calibration/service companies.
  • Operates according to ASTM E18 or for light load Brinell and plastic hardness

Nr3d operation - loads selection and application

NR3D is precise

n3rd rockwell tester for hard tests like plastics and superficial

The load is changed using the wheel at the top of the test head. Load is applied with the lever on the side. The tester is very precise and is often purchased with the superficial Rockwell tester head. The tester is ideal for optional testing of plastics, from rubber to acrylic plastic, according to ASTM D-785.


NR3D-DR 60, 100, 150 kg
10 kg HR-A, HRB, HRC, HRD
HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH, HRK, HB30 (equivalent)
62.5, 125, 187.5 kg
HB2.5 - HB5 - HB10
HV60 - HV100, SHORE D
NR3D-DSR 15, 30, 45 kg
3 kg HR15N, HR30N, HR45N
HR15T, HR30T, R45T
HR15W, HR30W, HR45W, HR15X
10, 15.6, 31.2 kg
HB2.5 - HB5
HV10, HV15, HV30
Standard Accessories
(delivered in polished wooden box)
Accessories on Request

  • 1 Rockwell conical diamond indenter
  • 1 Rockwell ball indenter 1/16
  • 1 Brinell ball indenter 2,5mm*
  • 1 Rockwell test block
  • 1 Brinell test block*
  • 1 Flat anvil Ø 60mm
  • 1 Flat anvil Ø 10mm
  • 1 Large V-anvil
  • 1 Small V-anvil
  • 1 Plastic cover
  • Spare balls1/16"
  • Power supply cable
  • Flat anvil 200 mm diameter
  • V-anvil for rounds 200mm diameter
  • Rockwell ball indenters 1/8", 1/4", 1/2"
  • Brinell ball indenters 1mm, 5mm
  • C-form extension for measuring internal parts
Ernst Accessories PDF

NR-3D Rockwell tester with excellent digial superficial performance

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