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MTRX Macro & Micro-Hardness Tester for Testing a Gear Tooth, OD or ID.

The Esatest MTRX is a specialized patented trans-portable digital micro hardness tester using a unique measurement system for hardness testing in normally inaccessible locations and on odd specimen types. The tester uses a indenter specially coated with a resistive material to measure changes in resistivity as the indenter is progressively penetrates the sample.
  • Patented method for depth of indentation testing via electrical resistivity measurements on the indenter
  • Tests inside diameters, gear teeth, irregular shapes, etc.
  • Results not affected by deflection and vibration
  • Test stand orients to position for testing on many angles.
The esatest can fit into test tight areas like small id test samples The esatest can fit into test tight areas like gear teeth
The inside diameter of a hardened test specimen presents a unique challenge for testing. Here the small profile of the MTR indenter holder allows testing The MTRX test stand allows the unit to rotate in three axes in order to reach difficult test positions like the gear tooth hardness testing being shown here.
The conductivity depth measurement method illustrated
The test method employs a resistive coating on a diamond indenter that measures the progressive indentation of the diamond and generates a test result in equivalent hardness values like Rockwell or Vickers.


Principle of operation:

Scale Readouts:
Test Ranges:

Load application:
Data storage files:
Memory Capacity:
Electronic functions:

Output language:
Max measuring dimension:
Envelope dimensions:
Power Supply:

Patented Ernst: Electric resistivity indicating depth of indentation
Digital LCD display, 107 x 57mm
Equivalent HV 100-1000, HRC 0-70, others optional
MTR/A: 1 to 10 kg, hardness interval at 0.5kg
MTR/B: 0.5 to 10 kg, hardness interval at 0.5kg
MTR/C: 0.2 to 1 kg, hardness interval at 0.1kg
Motorized load application, by keyboard of pedal
16 bit connecting to peripherals
4000 results
Scale, tolerance, calibration, statistics, graphics RS232C for printer, RS232C bidirectional for computer, parallel
5 selectable
Calibration can be performed in-house
230 mm high x 110 mm deep (throat)
380 x 150 x 350 mm (h w d)
100 to 220 VAC 50/60 Hz with ground
10 - 40 C including automatic temperature compensation

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories

  • Vickers hardness test block calibrated at
    1 and 10 kg
  • V-anvil for cylinders 60 mm dia. 3 STAT-OIG
  • V-anvil for cylinders 30 mm dia., 3 ATP-522
  • V-anvil for cylinders 6 mm dia., 3 ATP-523
  • Sensor cable
  • Feeding cable
  • Fuses
  • Keys
  • Kit for non-magnetic material
  • 1 Plastic cover
  • Pedal
  • Instructions
  • Test block support
  • Special scales
  • Spare indenter
  • 80 column printer
  • Printer cable
  • Graphing software to visualize the curve

Esatest MTR micro testing the ID (inside diameter) teeth of a sample part

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